Neoseeker : News : Bungie's big reveal for Destiny reveals little, vi-doc trailer promises an ambitious multiplayer FPS
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tekmosis Feb 18, 13
quote bluexy
Yay4sean Yeah... Bungie is being all sorts of ridiculous here:
I think the quote was taken out of context; someone else mentioned

"he was referring to the fact that since Halo the FPS genre was fundamentally changed (Regenerating health/shields, two weapons only). Jones was saying that no one (an exaggeration, more like most people) plays FPS's with health packs and the ability to carry an unlimited amount of weapons."

In regards to PC:

"On the possibility of a PC version, Parsons said: "We would absolutely love to be on the PC. If you talk to the people upstairs, we play it on all platforms. So, stay tuned." No mention was made of a Wii U version."
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HaloAddict Feb 18, 13
I'm looking forward to this. I think the closest I can think of to what (I think) Bungie is trying to do is a game like Star Wars: The Old Republic. It's an MMO that is actually designed to be more single-player friendly (you literally don't have to do any multiplayer to beat the game's main story, and it's very well done). I have no problem with that idea of how a game should be designed combined with FPS, and Sci-Fi elements ala Halo and even Star Wars itself. I really do doubt this won't turn out to be a great game, if not a fantastic one.
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Mastix Feb 18, 13
No, Guest and LOD-squa, I'm not saying there's any true advantage. I'm saying people's preferences are clear. That's all. PC Gamers tend to be better gamers in general, as the console gaming market is more casual. Furthermore, you're right, once you get past the learning curve, mouse and keyboard is more precise. But people don't want to deal with that shit for the most part. They want ease of access, like LOD-squa said. They want a controller designed to fit in their hand and they want to be able to get passably good, fast. They don't care that if they worked at it, they could get good with PC. They don't want to work at it. People want convenience. That's all I'm saying, and I think that's all Bungie is saying. They don't define "better" as "you can play more precisely and react to developments quicker", they define it as "anybody can jump into playing with a controller on a console in a way they can't with a pc." And they did prove that shooters could be on a console. So it's not dumb at all, in my opinion.

Furthermore I never denied my post was about preference. That's exactly what it is about. I'm arguing the face that most people prefer controllers.
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KR_1250 Feb 20, 13
This game looks pretty awesome and very ambitious.

I was never a HALO player but if Bungee pulls this off i'll be right there. The art direction looks much more appealing this time round. HALO always came across as a little cartoonish to me. The characters, enviroments and enemies all looked slightly... i dunno... Dont want to critisize too much LOL. I know how fans can be.

But if the concept art is anything to go by Destiny seems much more my cup of tea. It looks like a bizarre mixture between a hyperfuturistic mass effect style setting mixed with a sort of medievil theme. Really interesting.

And the story so far seems very appealing in a kind of Arthur C Clark way.

Looking great Bungee.
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Dreadlock Holiday Apr 13, 13
The trailer is impressive, the story sounds interesting too. I wish i could go to E3, it sucks that we don't get to see awesome conventions like E3 in Australia.
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