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BlackLabel Feb 8, 13

Bulldozer is plenty powerful enough for a console I mean we're coming off a generation that featured an Xbox 360 with a pretty weak IBM Tri-Core CPU. Bulldozer while not on par with the offerings from Intel is still powerful and more than enough for a single purpose device like a console.

I think the biggest thing when it comes to console manufacture is that Sony don't pay retail prices they pay discounted rates as they are ordering 10 million+ of the things. If it costs $400 for us it's probably $100 for them and that's why consoles can sell for as low as they do. For instance take PlayStation 3;
  • The RSX was based on two 6800 Ultra's running $500 a piece at retail.
  • The CELL pre-discounts had to have been running them at least $300 possibly more.
  • Blu-Ray drives back then were retailing for $1000.
I mean the sum of its parts is a device that if you or me were to build it would cost $2000+ but to Sony it was a $900 build which they sold to the customer for $600. Though getting $2000+ worth of parts for $900 is quite the discount and Sony will be doing the same this gen.

That HD 7970 that costs $400 will cost $150 to Sony, that Blu-Ray drive that costs $120 will cost $50 for Sony and, that 8-Core CPU that costs $100 will cost $40 for Sony as they are ordering 10 million+ of them. The expensive part is the GDDR5 but even then when they are buying it in bulk it won't be the colossal cost it would be for a retail buyer. Now maybe my estimates are a little low as currently that system at those prices would actually sell at a profit, but my point still remains that Sony get the kinds of discounts we'd love..

On top of discounts you can also factor in royalty deals so on top of AMD giving them each HD 7970 for $150 if they buy 10 million of them AMD could also get $2 for every PS4 sold. It may not sound like much but 5 years from now when PS4 has sold 80 million units AMD would be getting $160 million for free and that's a nice bit of money. There are lots of things Sony can do to get parts on the cheap and they will be doing that for PS4 no doubt.
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Zombie_Barioth Feb 8, 13
BlackLabel I'm well aware they get discounts on bulk prices but theres still no way of knowing how much they actually pay, we could guess at the actual costs till the cows come to no avail. Even a 50% discount would likely be cutting it close although since the console uses custom parts and that GPU will be more expensive than your average 7970 due to the extra GDDR ram the costs will be a bit higher. Last I heard about the ram was its either 8GB DDR3 or 4GB DDR5 so theres that too.

But at any rate its still a dev kit and they're normally more powerful than the actual console, its a rather moot point arguing which is stronger until we hear the official specs although PS4 will certainly have some sort of edge. My point is just that it probably won't be 10-15x as powerful, more like 2-3x more.
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