Neoseeker : News : BioWare doesn't want next game called "Mass Effect 4," says it's not a sequel but might follow Mass Effect 3
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starfighter Feb 14, 13
I have no interest in having any thing to do with EA & Bioware after they destroyed two of my most favorite games mass effect & Dragon age scenes I first started playing games at 5 ( Mario and duck hunt ) the to biggest problems with gaming to day is casual games & gamers that buy any shiny crap that's going and greedy companies like EA capcom and so on p.s the EC was a slap it the face
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Machienzo Feb 14, 13
quote nnnddd101010
The EC wasn't perfect, but it brought me closure, and I was done with Mass Effect. I really don't want to see another Mass Effect game.
EA has enough monetary incentive to make up your mind for you.
"I'm finished with Mass Effect."
"What's that? Sure! More Mass Effect coming your way!"
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