Neoseeker : News : PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale studio hit with layoffs, or "reduction in workforce" as Sony calls it
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Slash Jan 31, 13
quote Dragoshi1
Youtube is your friend for the infinites and glitches, and Sackboy not being fun, translates to he takes much longer to fill his bars than before. I played Sackboy offensively, and his miniscule AP gain is stupid now, spammers online have stopped showing up, but now Sackboy is a novelty.
Nah why don't you tell me some of these infinities that are still in the game.
Hmm I don't know, the online itself is a lot better with the Sackboy nerf at least now you don't see atleast 2 Sackboys in every match and all the sackboys reaching their level 3 twice withing one game. I think it's more fun now since the other characters stand a chance of winning online. You're acting as if he can't even reach his level 3 within a rank match anymore.
Sure superbot could have handled it differently by changing his level 3 so you wouldn't respawn in the bubble and nerfing the attacks instead of just increasing the AP required.
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Little Cheese Feb 6, 13
quote MegaBassMan
May God bless ASS, indeed.
Amen. May God bless All-Stars studio, indeed....Indeed!
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