Neoseeker : News : Latest Nintendo Direct streams tomorrow morning, Iwata to reveal multiple Wii U games
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bbb7002004 Jan 22, 13
Iwata said it is to show what they are working on, so first party titles only.

Or maybe Nintendo is merging with Valve, and it really is HL3.

Edit: Some internet sleuths over at Neogaf have found mentions of a Wii U virtual console in the source code for the European page, seems like there's a good chance that one of those services Iwata spoke about will be VC on Wii U.
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annihilate Jan 23, 13
quote tekmosis
Pokemon U
Smash Bros U
Zelda U
Super Mario Sunshine U
Super Mario Galaxy U
Earthbound U
StarFox U

any of these, and I'll be happy.
F-Zero UX
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