Neoseeker : News : DayZ designer Dean Hall responds to The War Z mess, and he is "very angry" about it
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DedValve Jan 17, 13
So did Dean Hall also misunderstood what Warz was about like apparently everyone else and steam did?

I'd love to see a response if not for the lols but whats clearly needed here is an outright and humble apology. Not some snide attack at gamers claiming they didn't read the "fine" print. An actual apology.

Then again I demand an apology from lots of places. One of these of these days...
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Shadow of Death Jan 17, 13
If I were him, I'd be very bothered by this too.

I mean, I can just imagine having to remind people "That wasn't my bloody game, stop blaming me for crap I didn't do and am not associated with."

Hell, even I was a bit confused about "The War Z" and "DayZ" associations. On one hand I first thought it might be a rip-off and it seemed to be, but then others were saying it was associated with DayZ or something and it was all very muddled in the end ~_~
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oni_hero Jan 18, 13
You didn't find the last apology sincere Ded Valve? Come on, I mean he said sorry(sort of) and took the blame(sort of) while pointing out the obvious flaw in gamers, we are all a bunch of *bleep*ing morons who apparently don't know the word Features means "Possibly coming in the future at some point maybe". Duh! God I am so ashamed of the gaming community over this whole event.

How can we call ourselves gamers if we demand a game deliver on everything the game says is in it?!? That is what DLC/title updates are for people!
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DedValve Jan 18, 13
Your forgetting insulting players through interviews and twitter capcom style. And then paying off major reviewers to insult gamers for you! If Steam automatically gave money per sale to the devs I guarantee you that IGN, VG247, Gameinformer, and countless others would be praising it.

Because integrity!

Neoseeker wouldn't because these stupid writers have some stupider notion of "honesty" and "proffesionalism" and other bullcrap nonsense. TAKE THE BRIBES.
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