Neoseeker : News : Splinter Cell: Blacklist 'Inauguration' trailer offers a glimpse at stealthier play, not just action
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The Don Jan 17, 13
As far as gameplay goes, I love the endless possibilities of completing objectives. Whether you're a sneak-in-the-shadows type of guy or shoot-em-up type of player, you can play the way you want. People complained that Conviction didn't have enough stealth, but I thought it was perfect. Now that Blacklist is bringing back some old stuff (yay for the sticky shocker), it's going to be even better.

As for the new direction and story? It kills me to see Sam change so much. No more Ironside, and a new face model puts me off quite a bit. I still can't understand the reasoning behind scrapping the essence of Sam Fisher and redoing him completely. Apparently Ironside is still a "consultant" for the game, so he's still on board for Blacklist, I just don't understand why they feel the need to fix something that isn't broken. I also felt like they could've ended the series well with Conviction. I understand Ubisoft feels this game still has so much more to give, but with Sam looking younger each game, it feels like they're just trying to milk the franchise rather than properly develop it. It pains me to see the story take this sort of direction.

With all that said, I'm still excited for Blacklist and its game mechanics, but I'm still iffy on the new direction of Sam.
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