Neoseeker : News : Guild Wars 2 surpasses 3 million sales, ArenaNet looks to the new year
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Rey Jan 15, 13
"The full post can be found here."
Aww...No clickable here

Ninjas everywhere!

On the actual subject now,
I see nothing about easier paths for legendary weapons...guess i'll have to wait a bit longer.

Kinda hyped up by the new stuff in WvW and the redesign boss encounters. Give haters the endgame they want.
Oh and the new lfg sounds good.
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LloydToS Jan 16, 13
Rey I posted a link to a response from a dev some days ago that said that these systems for visiting lower level areas will help you with working towards legendaries (look at the shards for '??' tokens in the screenshot for example). It seems they have good ideas, all we can do is wait patiently
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harhis23 Mar 18, 13
Glad to know Anet devs do keep working to make GW2 even better or even become best among other existing MMO rivals to date. Exceeding the 3 million sales and still working to make the game better is definitely more than just an indicator that the company is seriously aiming at providing all guilders what they need/want.
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