Neoseeker : News : 2014 Corvette Stingray to be released as free DLC for Gran Turismo 5 tomorrow, is entirely too sexy
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Pauliepoos Jan 20, 13
quote ibewhipped
quote Ville_Valo
Yeah probably. But most countries also don't make as many ugly cars. American cars aren't really beautiful, they're just big square hunks of muscle. But they're generally not ugly.
It's hideous:
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Back in the 70's that may have been true about the bricks but American styling has came a long way since the 90's imo
Thats because the Americans have got European designers in to build 'em a decent car.
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LZ Schneider Jan 21, 13
Great designers come from many different countries and design for many different brands regardless of origin. Well at least the smart designs design for different brands regardless of country of origin
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Ville_Valo Jan 21, 13
I think the smart designs are based on a country of origin, and that's were the designs came from. There's a reason England was selling little roadsters while America was selling 7.4l muscle cars. And it's not because of preference of the designers working for Ford vs MGB. It's because different countries want different things for different reasons.
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