Neoseeker : News : Gabe Newell talks Steam Box's possible features, competing against Xbox and PlayStation
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ComputerEd Jan 15, 13
quote Ded Valve
Steambox isn't for you. Outside of exclusives would a man like you ever buy a PS3/360 or PS4/720? Steambox is for THOSE people. People who prefer the simplicity of consoles and love couch gaming, for the hardcore gamer that builds their own PC they won't need steambox just as much they don't need a traditional console (again, outside of exclusives).

This is what a lot of people aren't getting and if Valve is smart they will market it as a console and not a PC.
You are correct but my point is that if they do not take advantage of their biggest asset, a MASSIVE PC library then they are shooting themselves in the foot.
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