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annihilate Jan 3, 13
quote bbb7002004
But the Wii U console does all the video processing, the gamepad is just a receiver/transmitter. I don't see why you'd need much processing power on the 3DS side of things.
That's why they call it "terminal device" in the patents. Pretty obvious, if people would research before they say things they have no idea about.

Practically, the 3DS GPU could be shut off and CPU in low activity (depends if they include CODEC LSI in cartrige or not) increasing the battery life substantially when in Gamepad Mode.

Most people don't realize what Nintendo has done here is revolutionary and a giant mark in the history. The common streaming you have is only video and audio without interaction, that is called one-way, when interaction is introduced it's called two-way transmission, and latency kills the immersion in a two-way application. Because when you press a button it has to register your input, send it back to the machine, process it, and then send it (back to the gamepad) to the monitor and then display the changes. And most of those serious Halo X360 players with cheap HDTVs are practically playing a lottery, there's no seriousness in that, and for an experienced player, most of headshot misses are a technical error, not a lack of skill, it's the lag.

This is the flowchart of a one pass the signal has to do - think about it, nintendo has managed to do this in ~1 milisecond.

Path when you press something on GamePad Touchscreen:
Touchscreen pressed (resistive tech has better accuracy and response time than capacitive)
Registered by TOUCH-SCREEN CONTROLLER (fast interconnect)
Sent to CONTROLLER UI (fast interconnect)
Sent to CODEC LSI (fast interconnect)
Data gets Compressed (proprietary super efficient method)
Sent to GamePad WIRELESS MODULE (fast interconnect)
Wireless transmission to Console via custom 5GHz protocol based on IEEE802.11n
Data gets Decompressed by Console CODEC LSI
Sent to I/O Processor
Processed by CPU
Sent back to I/O PROCESSOR
Sent back to Console CODEC LSI for Compression
Sent back to TERMINAL COMMUNICATION MODULE for Wireless Transmission back to GamePad
Picked up by GamePad WIRELESS MODULE
Sent to CODEC LSI (fast interconnect)
Data gets Decompressed
Sent to LCD
LCD displays results (+ LCD pixel lag)

Ofcourse nitnendo cannot control HDTV industry, therefore they employ a technique which artificially delays the GamePad's video output so it matches the HDTV output (lots of latency) it's at least for them to be both SYNCED, it's better this way than non-synced, otherwise it would be even more confusing. But you can bypass this by using a high-end 1200Hz low-lag PC Monitor.

You don't even see the latency in a one-way transmission, normally, but it is there, it can be several seconds or a whole mintue and it won't make a difference in a TV broadcast. But that's another thing, there are so many different latencies before you get the signal. When it comes to gaming, it's the input lag. And many people also have false views of what is input lag and what causes it, many throw a lot of different things into one bin.

There is normally very low latencies in general in electronics and cables as well as the net (fiber optic etc). But there is that one place where all the HDTV latency is made out of, it's the firmware implementation in HDTVs, there is no big problem, it's just lazyness and ignorance, software is inefficinetly developed, and critics are outspoken about this bane of HDTV industry, their firmware just screws everyone else.

The WiiU has less than 1ms of lag, this is better than most LCD monitors out there which have pixel response of 2-4ms, and HDTVs which have ridiclous amounts of 45-80ms, some of them above 100ms, you cannot play FPS games with lag like that.
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ProudLoz Jan 3, 13
quote annihilate
You're wrong and wright.

Apple Airplay has nothing to do with this, normal Wifi Tech is too laggy for this to work. Apple marketing just stamps a fancy name on everything. And most of the magic that makes it super-low-latency is in the proprietary transmission protocol as well as the decompression/compression process developed by Nintendo it self. Nobody shares that technology, and Broadcoms Miracast was not even developed fully when Broadcom started cooperating with Nintendo.

Yes it is hardware based because that's how it achieves it's performance, it's compressed/decompressed by CODEC LSI component before sent to the wireless module. WiiU's CPU is then free of this burden, and Nintendo as always has an AUDIO DSP which takes more burden off the CPU as they aren't good at processing audio, a dedicated audio chip is 10 times better.

The word "streaming" really doesn't fit with this because it's been used mainly in inefficient laggy web-based applications, and I can see you use it as exactly in this tone. No you will not need any ridicolous amount of RAM, or storage to save any "streaming" data. It only takes a buffer, gets instantly deleted. This is not youtube man.

It's not so much in the wireless transmission as it is more in the two-way decompression and compression of the signal, because of the bandwidth limits this has to be done, the bottleneck is not the processing, as they've done an engineering marvel in software performance, the problem why you can't have more than 2 Gamepads on one WiiU is totally not the GPU CPU processing as the noobs want you to think, it's wireless bandwidth, it's the bottleneck, and if they have more Gamepads, the frame rate needs to go down for all of them in order to show the video without pixel corruption. So 2 Gamepads will operate at 30FPS, half the bandwidth each, to work properly.
Like I said, it was a total guess just based on a similar tech/protocol used by Apple that I know a bit about.

Also, if you actually followed the thread, you would have know that I corrected myself and knew that it was a hardware based issue as to why it would need a cartridge.

Finally, streaming is the correct word since the Wii U console is transmitting this data to the GamePad to receive, the only difference is that it's not buffering the video for you to rewind back to. I only assumed that it would need more memory because I thought it buffered the stream, but that's obviously not the case here.
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annihilate Jan 3, 13
Sorry I didn't follow nicknames.
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