Neoseeker : News : ArmA 3 delayed to 2013 as Bohemia Interactive plays catch-up, two key devs still in Greek prison
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Rendan Dec 13, 12
Freakin' Greece man.....*I think they just want more money*......... -.-
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S-I-E Dec 14, 12
i still think it was a dumb move to make pictures of a classified location to use in a game. i mean what were these guys thinking?

"oh hey john that strategic off-limits Greek army base we wanted to use for one of our levels is blurred out on Google maps, Google info claims the location is government owned, classified, and off limits to the public so let's book a vacation and snap some pics ourselves"

it's no rocket science to understand it's not allowed let alone read the local warning signs and/or consult the local travelers help desk about it if not check the internet. even i know that.
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placeboprs Dec 15, 12
quote S-I-E
it's no rocket science
Is it rocket science to read the facts of the case?


1. They were not deliberately/specifically taking pictures of a classified location.
2. They were not there for work or taking pictures for a game.
3. The hangar accidentally filmed for roughly half of one second is available to see on google maps as well as on a number of youtube videos that have been online for more than two years.
4. As soon as they saw a sign they stopped filming immediately.
5. They were not in any off limits area they were simply filming a video from their car after arriving.

Perhaps try reading some of the facts before spouting nonsense online:
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harhis23 Jan 28, 13
Well, who knows they could be real spies!

If anyone could be sent to prison for accidentally filming (or catching on cam) military installations, then Google Maps developers should have already been imprisoned for taking satellite shots of Taiwan's military camp.
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