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supertom236 Dec 9, 12
quote J
ME3 best rpg? oh please, who the hell decides these?
ok... seriously, who the HELL chose mass effect 3 as the best RPG?

i PLAYED mass effect 3, xenoblade chronicles, and diablo 3.

mass effect 3, while it was a decent shooter gameplay wise, made me want to kill myself after playing it. the story aspect was a big letdown in the end. there was no way to earn a "happy ending". honestly, it wasn't much of an improvement over mass effect 2.

diablo 3 was an ok dungeon crawler, fun at lower levels, painful to play post-hell mode. i made it to act 4 inferno with my demon hunter and then got sick of grinding and getting insta-gibbed. the story wasn't anything to write home about, but it was good in it's simplicity.

torchlight 2, never played, but i bet it was better then diablo 3...

xenoblade chronicles was the best rpg this year. the story was great, and had a lot of cool, unexpected twists that they somehow foreshadow the hell out of without spoiling, and the battle system was actually pretty fun, chaining together topple combos and stuff. not to mention the sheer scope of it, the game was epic, even if you skip the insane number of sidequests.

also, no mention of the Last Story in the rpg category? at all? i know it was a bit short, and the battles could have controlled a bit better, the story and the music made it one of the better rpg's this year.

Spike VGA is a sham. it is just a marketing scheme made to sell games from the dev's who bribe them the most, which is why Skyward Sword did not win last year.
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Fluidity Dec 9, 12
Glad to see Dishonored won something! Although, I agree Xenoblade should have won RPG and Gravity Rush handheld.
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Dantess26 Dec 9, 12
The game of the decade was flawed in my opinion. No MGS or GTA love? What'supwiththat?! I'm yet to play the Walking Dead episodes... consider me intrigued! But AC3 should NOT have been nominated for so many categories- It's like they couldn't think of anything else to put in the category. Was AC3 one of the only AAA games released this year or something? Or are standards just slipping... ? Props to Borderlands for best shooter though
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nnnddd101010 Dec 9, 12
They need to put in a strategy game category. XCOM was an awesome game, but has no chance of winning anything.

Also, I'm a bit surprised Far Cry wasn't nominated for anything (or at least shooter). From what I hear, it was very good. Maybe it came out too late?
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Demonfurby Dec 10, 12
quote Dropkick11
Yo dude, you call walking dead indie? Don't bother typing two paragraphs of shit when you fail on what's supposed to be your point. The game has more production resources than the show. You know what indie means? You're actually retarded and ME3 puts this zombie shit to shame...period

The fact that people give a shit about their favorite game not winning is just so

"Waaah, an award show I'm going to forget about in two minutes didn't pick my game to win."

Wait, we're talking about nerds and their videogames. Sexual repression really makes people angry over nothing. Sorry about that.
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Aulis Vaara Dec 10, 12
quote Dantess26
The game of the decade was flawed in my opinion. No MGS or GTA love? What'supwiththat?!
People love GTA, true, but which game would you nominate? People really don't care about which GTA game they play. Furthermore, there are a lot of people who really don't like GTA.

With MGS, while it is a famous franchise, it's Playstation exclusive (mostly, anyway) and thus only played by a relatively small percentage of gamers. It's also very anime-esque from time to time, and this doesn't go over well with everyone.

Half-Life, on the other hand, came from a time when a much bigger portion of gaming was done on PC. It's a series that is both shooter and has zombies in it. It's a very good mix of gameplay, with a good and original story. People are also still looking forward to the next part, and having it win this award is just one way of showing that.
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Dantess26 Dec 10, 12
quote Aulis Vaara
People love GTA, true, but which game would you nominate?
Either Vice City or San Andreas. I feel they were gaming at it's most fun last gen! It'd probably have to have been SA, most people I know and/or speak to seem to have played or watched people play San Andreas, whereas Vice City is that dark horse that lives in the hearts of GTA fans

You make a fair point about Half Life. I haven't played them myself (Something I need to address!), but everyone I speak to about it swears by how good they are!

Also, wasn't Shadow of the Colossus nominated? Another game that is held in high regard in many gamers' opinions
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Demonfurby Dec 10, 12
HL2 had basically everything. It was the perfect game, and the prime example of how to make an FPS game (the most popular genre ever). Not surprised it was named best of the decade.

Wasn't my favorite game of last decade, but I can't argue it wasn't the best. Hell, I'd have a hard time arguing anything else.
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Floral Fallal Dec 10, 12
quote monkey_ninjas316

I love both Dishonored and Walking Dead, but no way in hell Walking Dead should have won.

The nominees are chosen and voted by the chief editors of some of the major gaming websites (IGN, Gametrailers, etc), Spike just puts the production together.
right? I mean, The Walking Dead is one of my favorite series, but the game itself isn't on par with a triple A game like Dishonored.
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EricF Dec 10, 12
Well that about settles it. It's been an awful year of gaming for driving fans if Need for Speed is winning awards. What's worse is, you can't even argue with it because the others are piss.

Game of the Decade. (Y)
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Leon_Gehste Dec 10, 12
I can understand almost all the winners but the one I don't is "Cities" from Sound Shapes got Best Song in a Game.
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RC Cola King Dec 10, 12
I don't know what to say. TWD deserved GOTY, but there were a lot of good games this year. Ah well.
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Dizzywallin Dec 10, 12
quote nnnddd101010
I'm a bit surprised Far Cry wasn't nominated for anything
Bam. What I came here to rant about.

Far Cry 3 is brilliant. One of my all-time favorites. The story is out of the ordinary, the setting is beautiful, the gameplay is intense, and the feel mirrors reality. The developers paid very close attention to detail with nearly every aspect of the game.

The multiplayer is pretty good, it may not be as elaborate as COD, but it's definitely more interesting.

And to the people who have only played Far Cry 2 and want to rant about how bad that game sucked, Far Cry 3 is completely different.

What really upset me was that G4's "Video Game Deathmatch" set FC3 up to fail.
"Video Game Deathmatch" is G4's idea of taking 32 video games and putting them in brackets, just like sports teams. Then people like us vote, and the winner moves onto the next round.

Far Cry 3 was put up against Halo 4 in the first bracket. Oh, and did I mention that when the poles started, FC3 wasn't even out yet?

Seriously G4?

I'm not saying it should have won GOTY, though, in my book it did.

I'm just saying it should have been nominated for something.
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Bubbachu Dec 10, 12
Haven't played The Walking Dead, but from what I can put together this is a pretty unique and fresh win. A little different from the norm, I like it.

That being said, I have played literally none of these games, so I can't really say anything.

Glad Half-life 2 got game of the decade though!
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walnuts Dec 11, 12
quote Wakaman
Transformers should have at the very least been nominated for something.

And imo Journey should have won more awards.

It was. DO a ctrl+F search on the first page. Didn't win though
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