Neoseeker : News : Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance videos include 8 minutes of raw gameplay
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rpg Dec 14, 12
Hehe, if you listened to the end of the first vid, he got discovered while in THE BOX.
Now I've got a question about Metal gear and the box, was it ever useful? lol
I would never imagine metal gear now without the box, especially 3 when snake (BB version) and sigint talked about it, but never really enjoyed bullets going through it while I was pretending to be a box in front of a once suspicous guard.
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Zombie_Barioth Dec 15, 12
rpg You have to use it around other boxes and stuff obviously, Though there aren't very many places to use them in the first place. One of my friends got the hang of hiding in them and popping out just in time to knock out the the guard that comes to investigate.

In MGS2 you can use the conveyor belts with the appropriate box but I've never bothered.
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Dantess26 Dec 23, 12
quote Angelus
Metal gear wise this game felt like a mess when playing it. People may enjoy these hack and slash games but a lot of people are gonna notice its not what they thought it was when it actually releases.
Metal..... Gear?

Hahaha I jest, but what do you mean by "Metal gear wise"? The game isn't MEANT to be like a cannon Metal Gear/Metal Gear Solid game. It's MEANT to be different. It was designed and created to be a hack 'n' slash, NOT a stealth game.

Hack 'n' slash games are meant to be a mess. They are fast-paced and button-mash intensive. If people 'thought' this game would be a traditional MGS when they buy it... then more fool them for living under a rock!
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