Neoseeker : News : BioShock Infinite delayed a month for polish
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Ville_Valo Dec 10, 12
It might be a little different, by Skyrim is beyond a joke. Little quest bugs stemming from the massively open nature of the game is one thing (though they're very annoying when they mean you can't complete certain quests), but it's when the game slows to a crawl/crashes every time you visit a certain town, that's an issue. And it's a real issue that you can't pass off as nothing just because it's an RPG.
I reckon Oblivion on PS3 ran better :\ There has been some improvement though, Daggerfall is a dog's breakfast You spend more time stuck in walls than not!
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Abyss Raider Dec 11, 12
quote Ville_Valo
I reckon Oblivion on PS3 ran better :\
That's the truth, I literally do find myself going back to Oblivion when I'm in the mood for Elder Scrolls... For the main fact my version of Skyrim is completely unplayable.
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