Neoseeker : News : Tune up those rusty reaction times with this DmC: Devil May Cry combat overview
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Largerock Dec 6, 12
Still looks crappy.
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Saevus Dec 7, 12
i'm sure they're only showing us a couple of modest slices but everything sure looks repetitive as hell. and not only do the environments look extremely bland that disco looks like something out of a ps2 title.
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Short Circuit Dec 8, 12
Hmm, I played the fourth one, and from what I saw, there's a really steep learning curve to the combat. It was accessible, but there's the tools in there for the veterans to really tear shit up with.

Oh, and did anyone else notice that the rubble in the OP pic looks like wings?
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Deathman48 Dec 8, 12
I'm not sure we can really judge the environments because you're only seeing about 3 new locations (that disco, the bridge and the hallway) which is hardly going to be the entire game.

I'm still looking forward to unleashing some awesome combos, the angel/devil chain look like a necessity for getting yourself out of tricky spots in DMD mode, something that Trickster helped with in previous games.
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VampireWicked Dec 14, 12
I agree with largerock.
There's nothing to tune up when it comes to your reaction timing.
I've tried the demo & the enemies are slow dimwitted & little to non-threatening.
It's far to easy to get an SSS in style ranking, jump cancel yourself into oblivion & pretty much stay airborne forever.
CosplayDante comes across as dimwitted foul month unappealing character to me as EmoMayCry's entire character lineup.
The combat is slow & clumsy, & the lack of lock-on makes it worse.
I know i know, lock-on isn't really needed in something like this. But i'm not just talking enemy lock-on, i'm talking camera lock-on as well.
The camera doesn't keep track of what's needed, as in it misses half the action off screen.
If EmoMayCry comes out like the demo then expect a few patches to fix how sloppy it is.
DevilMayCry2 is better than this.

EmoMayCry is trying to hard to be something it's not & it's coming up short.
Capcom should've let DevilMayCry rest in peace .
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Jace2012 Feb 15, 13

It really needs to be precise with that!
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