Neoseeker : News : Grand Theft Auto 5 petition explodes with over 110,000 signatures
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LinkinPork Dec 11, 12
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I'll admit SR2 was beyond horrific in terms of porting but making that comparison doesn't make GTA IV any better
It doesn't make it better, but it offers you contrast for what a bad port actually is. It's like going to a mid-class restaurant and saying "this spaghetti tastes like dog shit!", I'm basically replying with - "have you actually tasted dog shit?"
Let me clarify then, relative to a decent meal GTA IV was bad, relative to dog shit it was a tolerable meal
Agreed, GTA4 wasn't the worst port out there. But considering the extra time taken, and all the resources at Rockstar's disposal (they had their entire Toronto team just working on the port), the final product was sub-par.
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Animatrix Dec 12, 12
GTA has never forced a storyline on players. The icons are always there for you to avoid, or to go looking for them...

I have friends that bought GTA4 just to drive around and kill pedestrians and to this day that is all they have done and still do it.

I think the added storyline just makes it even better.
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