Neoseeker : News : An industry indignant reminds us of the value and purpose behind the Humble Bundle
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bluexy Nov 30, 12
I think a lot of people skipped reading my article just to join in the discussion. That's okay, but I'd like to make at least one of my points clear.

No one disagrees that THQ was, at least at one point in time, that big money-eating publisher that everyone loves to hate.

No one disagrees that the values of Humble Indie Bundle are extremely important. Platform-agnosticism and no DRM are hugely important and 100% worth fighting for.

This situation, however, is a rare opportunity for both sides. It took THQ coming to the brink, but both parties managed to climb out of their trenches and work towards something better -- they compromised. Because this indie vs. AAA cold war isn't about proving one side right and one side wrong, it's about making a better environment for game development as a whole. So THQ is selling their games for nothing and helping support charity, and Humble Bundle put a core tenet to the side in order to show they're willing to work with the enemy. It's just a step and it's a rough one at that, but it's the only way progress works.
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nipsen Nov 30, 12
"This situation, however, is a rare opportunity for both sides."

You know what, I agree. It's a great opportunity for the Humble Bundle to remove itself from it's icky, non-corporate idealist silliness.

And at the same time it's an opportunity for THQ to get rid of it's image of being a corporate tank.

It's an arranged marriage made in Heaven!
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