Neoseeker : News : League of Legends goes under the sea, reveals mermaid champion Nami, the Tidecaller
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ShadowCrystallux Dec 10, 12
quote captain boo
Nami's Q was really frustrating to land at first, but it has gotten significantly easier since I've been playing her more.

I'm starting to find her E to be a little underwhelming though. Compared to the glory that is Aqua Prison, Ebb and Flow and Tidal Wave, Tidecaller's blessing doesn't seem to be enough. Maybe I'm not abusing it enough.

Landing her Q in relation to let's say brand's pillar of flame, brand's is still easier to land imo. The only time I found rewarding is when playing with caitlyn to guarantee that first blood or when building her ap. Ebb and flow however is a decent poke + heal, and if timed right, is going to be very annoying for the enemy, beneficial to you/ad carry, or both if positioned perfectly. Her E is rather rewarding if timed right, because it makes landing her Q a little easier. For a support, she has a very defined combo (which can be rearranged btw) R>E (ally)>Q>W is effective when going for the kill meanwhile W>Q is usually enough to disengage, and casting R when it isn't enough. She's a very timing, position and aim based support champion that can punish enemies whilst keeping her ally alive. I'd say her AP ratios are a little above board, and thus is borderline too powerful atm. I'm fully expecting to see her AP scalings drop a little, and for her set to remain the same, with good utility and some sustain to make her a strong and fun support. I love nami.
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ziemlaj Feb 9, 13
this game is much better when you are watching someone playing instead of playing myself;P
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