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Sonic Flash Nov 16, 12
From what I had been able to glean preferred members (former subscribers who are not subscribed anymore) are allowed 2 characters per server. However when I go to a new server it tells me that I need to delete two characters before I can do so. This seems to be a problem plaguing others as well, but it doesn't seem to have any focus or acknowledgement from devs.

What I COULD do is play one of my 50s, but I can't raid, and they're done their story, so not much to do there. And I'm not going to delete max level MMO characters because it went F2P. Further, at some point along the way my chars got merged into another server and now I have to rename my characters. The thing is that I was really attached to my chars' names. I had preordered so I got in early in the hopes of reserving it and was very happy with it, and now I don't even have that anymore.

They want to greet my prospective return to their game by making me rename or delete my established character, or pay them to still have to rename my established characters.

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