Neoseeker : News : Vergil will be playable in DmC Devil May Cry as DLC, free as pre-order bonus
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Slash Nov 14, 12
quote LOD-squa
quote Slash
Eh still not going to buy the game for $60.
I'll wait for a price drop. :L
Then invest the $9 afterwards?
If I enjoyed the game then yes.
It's still cheaper than $60. If the price cut drops it to $40.
I wouldn't be surprised if it does get a price cut within in a few months because of the sales, I see lots of people saying they're going to boycott it. :L
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Deathman48 Nov 17, 12
I'm still annoyed that Capcom missed an open goal with DMC3: Special Edition by not taking that opportunity to explore Vergil's storyline. It seemed like the totally obvious thing to do and instead they just put him in Dante's place, which made absolutely no sense as you end up fighting yourself, with one extra cutscene at the beginning.

Looking at the combat in this clip it's good to see some of his trademark slashes and blue swords remaining.
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Seperta Dec 20, 12
Holy shit Capcom sure shit itself. I remember thinking back to when this game was first announced. I thought having vergil in this game would make it better. Then I saw dante's DT. His hair turns white, his jacket turns red and the world turns black & white. WTF capcom! I remember when DTs were badass demons with additional abilities to help offset the difficulty with the game. A palette swap and cheap effects ruined what could of been something really cool. I mean with the new graphics engine, imagine how DT could of been sick. Instead we got this bullshit. YES! I am basing my opinions on one aspect of the game, without knowing the enemy types, bosses or storyline (which is crap). Now wtf is vergil gonna look like when he DTs? Spikey hair? Or maybe he'll look like Nelo Angelo, but thats wishful thinking as it would actually make the game good. *bleep* you Capcom.
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Dantess26 Dec 23, 12
What pisses me off is this. Instead of looking back to what made DMC1 & 3 so successful and ramping those aspects up to the max, they are just jumping on trends (Highly realistic graphics, cinematic cutscenes with cliche characters, dated gameplay, trendy looks, bosses that look like rejects from Onimusha or Resi or even past DMC games).

I mean my wish for a new Devil May Cry game would be to have it dripping with dark, gothic atmosphere, a genuine sense of darkness or terror. Characters that bring a lighter side to the darkness... instead of trying to be comedians with foul mouths.
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