Neoseeker : News : Microsoft reportedly dropping Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype
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The Slayer Jan 11, 13
MSN messenger was awesome several years ago, then they just kept adding more and more crap to it. Like literally, crap. It was being so bloated and full of junk it was starting to get hard and annoying to use. It was almost to the point where the chatting part was just a secondary use of the program.

I got the email about the merge yesterday and decided to go ahead and merge my msn and skype accounts. The email said it would be quick and easy, it was anything but.

I've had my MSN messenger account for about 6 or 7 years. I've added and removed a lot of contacts in that period. When I merged them and signed into skype, it added back about 20 contacts I had removed. I spent some time and went through it and cleaned it all out. Then signed in on another computer AND THEY WERE ALL ADDED BACK.

I also can not block any MSN contacts. I'm also getting random notifications of new conversations. Conversations that I had the day before.

I'm also having a lot more random problems and issues. For as long as skype and MSN have been out, you would think they could have a good working chat program.
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