Neoseeker : News : Dead Island Riptide unleashes more zombies April 2013
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Charlie Oct 30, 12
YES! Although I still need to beat the first one with my close friend on Xbox.

But man Dead Island is one of the best zombie games tbh. I never played Left 4 Dead 2 online, but I played it with friends and I was kinda like "this is all?". I bet it would be GREAT fun online though.

Anyways, I can't wait! Dead Island is probably one of my favorite zombie games, and it does the whole zombie/survival feel right. The story isn't that great, but a lot of zombie games don't have amazing story-lines. Mostly all the same "omg zombies kill them", "omg people save them" story-lines anyways, and some villains who want all the power like Wesker. These kind of games are really fun though, even if zombies seem overdone as shit. It's just fun to mow down the zombies with guns and melee weapons. Anyways. I like how the areas are pretty big in Dead Island too. and the game is just the best when you co-op like in Left 4 Dead.
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Aeolus426 Oct 30, 12
hell yes best 25th birthday ever

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