Neoseeker : News : Dragon Age 3: Inquisition concept art depicts gorgeous environments
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Lyonnais Oct 23, 12
So, what I'm getting at is... that you're pissed because of this.

quote Wikipedia
In March 2012, BioWare released Mass Effect 3, the final chapter of the Mass Effect series. Leading up to its release, the developer's web site announced that "the decisions you make completely shape your experience and outcome". However, many players[who?] claimed that the endings of the released game lacked the promised variety. This has caused a significant number of users to complain about what they perceived to be false advertising.[27]
You're mad because an ending didn't go the way you wanted? And you're still mad even after they released a DLC that they thought would help the situation? At least they gave away a DLC in an attempt to fix it. I understand what you mean about the ending though... the ending can leave a bad taste in your mouth and make you never want to play the game anymore.

However, beside the point. BioWare and their writers have come up with 2 pretty good/average/bad games in terms of storytelling. Which is odd because as far as I'm aware Mass Effect's 1 & 2 and DA:O both had excellent storylines. I wouldn't be surprised if they got a few more writers(or a few less writers) in an attempt to fix this.
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deeley21 Oct 24, 12
Pendragon SpartanNinja Lyonnais

Lets not discuss ME3 here. Yes it was a poor ending & i was one of the people complaining & feeling let down. Still praying for a change. But it's not gonna stop me from buying future games, or even future ME3LC.

Now to the topic at hand.... this is what its about right here. Slightly upset that they cancelled the DA2 dlc & left Hawkes story unfinished, but really cant wait for this. DA:O remains my favourite game since the BG series in the 90's (further proof of the capabilities of bioware right there). DA2 was only a failure in the sense that Origins was a tough act to follow. As a standalone game nobody can say it was a bad game... but sequels need to atleast equal the original in gaming, DA2 didnt.
However if what i've seen so far is anything to go by then DA:O might lose its throne.
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Avialace Oct 26, 12
Well, hopefully BioWare is learning a few things from the way Skyrim's scenery and maps were planned out. Had some pretty nice variety there. I remember reading somewhere that they were checking out Skyrim to see what worked for that game so maybe we will get less repeat maps and more originality.
Can't wait for DA3 though. BioWare would have to get pretty shitty for me to stop buying their games and I don't see that happening in DA3.
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