Neoseeker : News : Battlefield 3: Aftermath trailer features crossbow, Scavenger mode detailed
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KR_1250 Nov 26, 12
I only just played through BF3's single player this weekend. So now i actually know what the post earthquake setting is all about haha.

I look forward to the setting but i will bebored of this in days as it lacks new weapons. Crossbow yadda yadda black ops bla bla bla. Thats just a gimick. I wanted older weapons which would fit the theme. Maybe some old surplus weapons as the soldiers more modern ones were damaged, lost, destroyed or simply out of ammo during the event. I imagines some old K98's, AK-47's, Uzi's, Enfields etc. Old weapons you would find in the region from past conflicts.

Morbidly dissapointed at the lack of weapons TBH. I have now finished all existing weapon assignments. Pissed off that I bought premium under that pretense.

Mneh. I'll get bored pretty fast as a result probably. I would not buy this DLC if i hadnt already bought premium.
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