Neoseeker : News : News Corp. putting IGN up for auction
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Bale Fire Oct 16, 12
IGN have gotten a lot of hate over the last few years, but I still enjoy the occasional video or review from them. Hope they are sold to a company which handles them properly.
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Zombie_Barioth Oct 16, 12
I'm not surprised, there are so many game related sites than there were years ago. Theres a ton more competition these days.

I'm curious about who those interested companies are.
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pipripx Oct 16, 12
guys kurtski uses neoseeker .....neoseeker is for cool people.......neoseeker is the best internet game site i even been apart of....i would never buy ign....if neoseeker ever for sale il buy it.
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bluexy Oct 16, 12
Can we get a kickstarter going to buy IGN and just shut it down?
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tekmosis Oct 16, 12
Whoever buys IGN, just remember, you're also getting Jessica Chobot.
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Grimdark Oct 16, 12
I blame the little sites like Neoseeker for taking ad revenue from IGN!
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