Neoseeker : News : Mass Effect 3 'Omega' DLC dated for November, biggest add-on yet
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battousai Oct 15, 12
quote harhis23
Why not give Bioware a chance to justify the cost of this "Omega" DLC? Who knows this add-on will truly make a difference, as the company guaranteed fans "this one's going to be big."
Dude, the last DLC on Mass Effect 2, The Arrival, cost 800 M$ (it says 560 now, but I'm pretty sure I paid 800 back then) and I finished it in like an hour, and Mass Effect 2 is probably the best game in the franchise, but Bioware was already sucking ass back then.

Besides, like I said, I already know how it's gonna end, the only physical result (gamewise) you're gonna get from it is getting Omega as a war asset, it won't change the game in any other way, especially its bad ending, perhaps you'll learn more about Aria, Omega and Cerberus, maybe even find Patriarch alive but it's nothing the Mass Effect Wiki can't fill.

ALL of the ME3's DLC up have been a waste of money, Javik? He shouldn't even be DLC in the first place, that only gives you one character on the already lacking squad roster and no loyalty mission like in ME2, Leviathan? What's the use of having the race that CREATED the Reapers if they won't do a damn USEFUL thing about it? Why couldn't they tell us what was the Catalyst? I mean, Shepard even gets the option to ask about the Crucible, why not the Catalyst as well? I mean, they SHOULD know about it, they've been there forever! Or at least deduce what it is "hmm, the Crucible's arms measure the exact same length as..." but no...

Again, totally, pointless DLC...
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RabidChinaGirl Oct 23, 12

(That's really all I can say about this right now.)
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Grievous Oct 23, 12
Thank God for YouTube. It helped me save $10 on Leviathan.
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