Neoseeker : News : New smart car prototype utilizes Kinect technology to recognize driver
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Fury Oct 5, 12
It's always funny to me to see gaming devices used for other purposes. But it makes sense, since tech like this is only mass produced for entertainment purposes, thus making it cheaper. I believe there's one or two super computers out there that use PS3's that are linked together. And the Wii sensor bar + remote is a cheap solution for an infrared sensor that I've seen used for other purposes before.
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Miragedres Oct 5, 12
quote LOD-squa
quote Miragedres
I for one hope face-recognition does not become a mainstay. I actually hate driving and usually let others drive my car to get me around.
Haha, whats the point of owning a car if you prefer to let others drive it for you? I"m one of those people who enjoy driving and don't let others touch the wheel. XD Only certain people I do allow though...but I drive stick and most people don't know/bother to learn.
Work for FEDEX and drive from 5:30am to about 8pm Monday through Friday then let me know how you love driving.

I love small cards tho. It's the reason I drive a 2-door car Hyundai Accent. I definitely don't want Kinect in that little ass car considering I'm kind of a huge dude...
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LOD-squa Oct 6, 12
Understandable Miragedres! I barely drive as it is but when I do I simply enjoy it.
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