Neoseeker : News : Counter-Strike: Global Offensive receives new maps, penalties for leaving Classic Competitive mode early
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S-I-E Oct 2, 12
it's a double edged knife if you ask me. one side is the ever present problem of rage quitters yelling insults at their team then run away unbalancing the entire game (not that i care tho), the other... if i'm on a server and it's a noisy schoolyard where everybody seems out trying to get on each other's nerves i want to leave in peace to join a friendlier server preferably without receiving a slap in the face for it.

it may cause a whole new line of trouble for people that actually don't deserve it.
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tekmosis Oct 2, 12
Here's a couple image of each map. I wish Monastery wasn't an AR map :\



edit: looks like Valve put out a short video too. I love the part where they're boosting onto ladder on vertigo

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Freeze Oct 3, 12
Played monastery yesterday and it was very laggy for me. Probably the server, but every time I turned I seemed to be hitting an invisible wall, so my oponent could happily shoot me and I couldnt get an aim on him.
Anyone else experienced this?

Also got a classic game where my team quit and you basically get moulded 25 rounds for having bots on your team. Either sit out the terror or be punished. IMO they need to tweak that a little.

Love the new maps though! Beginning to feel like a complete game now.
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