Neoseeker : News : Double Dragon Neon trailer is as cheesy as it gets
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S-I-E Sep 26, 12

on second thought maybe it's best just to skip this one
i got a long way with double dragon for the gameboy but after watching the trailer i fear this game may ruin my childhood fantasies.

i mean, any of you here recall looking up to the DD bros as the story about the 2 beefed up over excited teenagers when you were young? and so what if it has a blonde SM mistress in it. only little kids will like it because sex is funny and shit.

guys, i'm jumping off this band wagon. i may get back on after it's release may have proven otherwise but i'm all too familiar with cheesy revivals.
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Miragedres Sep 26, 12
Even cheesier than I would have imagined. Looks to weird for me.
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Abyss Raider Sep 26, 12
Ahh doesn't matter that the trailer is cheesy when you have a game as good as this... I've been having way too much fun with this game. Sure it's not the original Double Dragon, but it's a fantastic hail mary to the golden years of gaming. Yeah I could have done without some of the stereotyping or sexual innuendos or whatnot, but you can definitely tell when playing that this game is all about fun and fighting. The fighting and adrenaline in it is pretty solid to boot, and Skullmaggedon is a pretty nasty awesome character! (Also, some Metal references don't hurt it, either.)

Hmmm... If this game gets a lot of publicity and positivity, I wonder if it may jump-start a revamp of the good old games like Golden Axe or Streets of Rage? (Fingers crossed!! No need to change the gameplay, or story for that matter, as they're all amazing as is, but I'd love to see some companies polish up their graphics, and see how they fare being modernized.)

In short... The trailer here does NOT do this game justice... It's just trying to sell what they think the majority are interested in, when there's actually some very amazing gameplay in it that this trailer fails to show off.

P.S. Linda... Take that whip of yours and go away!! You little invulnerable cheat...
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S-I-E Sep 27, 12
just checked ps+ (EU) today. it's free to download for subscribers on the PS3.

just because i hide under my bed sheet atm it doesn't mean i have forgotten about it. if you guys wanna do me a huge favor let me know what you think about it okay? i'm not picky, everything's appreciated
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Abyss Raider Sep 27, 12
Well S-I-E, I'm currently at Stage 6 on it, and I must say, the boss of the stage is a little frustrating (well maybe not the boss itself, per se, but getting to it... You'll know when you see it.) Other than that, I've found nothing but fun with this game. Severely enjoying it still!
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ghost_of_starscream Oct 30, 12
i agree its easy to confuse genius with cheesy as well. especially if you werent around to enjoy the coin op back in its hayday. i could understand air guitar not being for everyone, although, admittedly, air drums are much more fun anyway, imo.

double dragon is now, & forever will be my personal favorite coin op of all time.

this here iteration is brilliantly put together. gameplay & soundtrack.the action is tight, controls responsive, & theres a ton of replay value.

thats not even taking the grandious 80s like soundtrack into consideration. almost every mixed tape song actually sounds like an artist from the 80's. you got your rick astley, your prince, your luther vandross, its all there baby.

dont much understand why they chose the antagonist they did, guess its not cool to have guns in video games anymore. NOT!

for some of the other bad guys, the lindas are actually desirable looking & not manly like the original. i still prefer the old school abobos though. theyre just creepier looking in 16 bit for some reason.

this is just my 2cents however. time to buck up & decide for oneself:

"be excellent to each other"
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