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jbh Sep 21, 12
Could a PC player explain exactly how the new PvP system works?

Is it actual matching? As in you actually pick who you fight?
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jomoh71 Sep 25, 12
I hope the Pvp arena don't take out the invading of the game
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Aura Sep 25, 12
I doubt it would jomoh71, that would be a major step back on From's part if they implemented a PvP dedicated arena, then removed one of the major aspects of the game. Whether it's trolls, gankers, grievers, honourable duelers, ganker / troll / griever hunters, they'd all be missing out on something. Hm, well maybe not the players looking for fair duels, but the rest would. I know I'd be unhappy if there was nowhere to go to punishing gankers.
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jomoh71 Sep 26, 12
I hope you are right. Even if I sometimes get frustrated as hell when being invaded I still want the feature, even though I often get my butt kicked in duels:-)
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Arcliff Sep 26, 12
I've finished Prepare to Die on PC. And no, they did not take invading out of the game, of course. It's like, one of the major parts of a Souls game.

The PvP Arena can be accessed only on Oolacile, right after you beat Artorias. The lobby is called Battle of Stoicism Gazebo. There are 3 types of matches and 2 arenas.

The types of matches are:
1. Duel
2. Team
3. Deathmatch

The arenas are:
1. Dais
2. Ruins

There is a ranking system for winning streaks. For SL 1-50, 50-100, 100-125, and so on. And no, you CANNOT choose who you want to fight, although you can fight the same opponent again, if the system matches you up.

Basically after warping from the Gazebo, you'll be transported into a square place similar to Sen's Fortress. There are two trapdoors in Duel and Team. One is guest and the other is host. You can see other players as red circles before entering a battle.

The rules as far as I know in matches are, well, no healing items. But you CAN use healing miracles. Also, if you die because of poison, Power Within, and stuff, count as a lost for you. Battles only go for three minutes. The winner is the one who kills the most.

Also, Prepare to Die, for Dark Sorcery will haunt your asses.
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Draconiconx Sep 26, 12
Also the great wolf will have a different intro at the grave if you save it first (no clue on difference but the look for the four knights is amazing Especially the Abysswalker and the Kings blade can't wait to try team is it 2 vs 2 sorta thing or 5 vs 5 squad on squad or army of two vs army of two
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