Neoseeker : News : Intel Extreme Masters eSports event in Guangzhou, China canceled due to political unrest
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Socialist Gamer Sep 19, 12
Geopolitics is hard to predict...War can happen not only in military forms but in psychological or deterrent forms...So, I expect a potential conflict for sure in the coming months and years.
P.S. WWII started between Germany & France, England; Japan invasion of China in 1931 led to the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere made by General Tojo and Yamamoto.

So, Yes, every forms of conflict/war can be considered as "potential"!!!
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tekmosis Sep 18, 12
It's unlikely you'll see a war. Neither country is that petty, nor would China want to be the country responsible for starting a war. There's US military bases all over Japan. Just too many factors why there wouldn't be.

It's just citizen political unrest that could cause damages at an event like this. I can see their POV of where they're coming from.
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THM Sep 18, 12
A potential war in the South China Sea!!!???
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