Neoseeker : News : Valve not done with Steam Greenlight yet, service will "continue to evolve"
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BlackLabel Sep 8, 12
It needs to change..

The amount of up votes needed to be considered needs to be reduced..

The down vote system needs to be removed, this is more important now that developers have to pay to be there. There are so many mass down votes from people claiming a game is clone of something else, that kind of opinion isn't needed..

They need to make demo's mandatory as those at Valve before Greenlight more than likely had more than a proof of concept to go on, why do we only have to go by screens and some PR from the devs. We need to be playing these games to know whether even at an early stage they are good enough to support.

The whole system needs overhauling. It needs to be all about up voting and not about down votes. Right now the system is far to opinionated as you can actually hinder the progress by down voting, it needs to be a case of "if you want it up vote, if you don't, do not vote"..

I am glad that Valve are open to changing it over time, as if they keep it as it is then thousands of games are going to be ignored because a group of ignorant gamers considered it a clone, or too similar to their favourite game..
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