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Krantos Aug 30, 12
Still hoping they manage to iron the problems out. FE is loads better than WoM was, but, to be honest, much as I love Stardock, I still like Warlock: Master of the Arcane more than the FE beta.

Sorry, Stardock, still have a ways to go.
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MalnarMario Sep 2, 12
I have both games. Noone should forget that Warlock Master of Arcane is a finished game, and FE is in beta state.
After 10 games I played, I just started to realize how great the game is. At first few games, ist felt a little bland, and fast paced for slow gains..
Then, more complex fights ensued.
Then the quest started to be more interesting.
Then the bad guys became unbeatable, so I needed to devise stupidly unbelievable tactics (leveling hill to get to his capital was one of them) to stay the inevitable.

And the game is far better then any I played, potential for better is even now huge (MP introduction, dynastic system, more tactical and strategical spells etc...)

Masters of Magic got a good successor. Stardocks efforts to do better to its customers shows. and it is a good effort.
Warlock is nice, flashy, colorful. But still, a Civ 5 on fantasy steroids....

FE is something new around the block. and it definitely delivers.
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