Neoseeker : News : Team Ninja studio head says DOA 5's female depiction is cultural
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Dutch Samurai Dec 21, 12
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Who ever the person who doesn't like my comments could go *bleep* themselves because I really don't give a Shit Haha!!
You basically told the whole forum to go #@$% itself.
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kokiri link Feb 14, 13
quote Krantos
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It's the "it's our culture!" excuse.

Basically, they're saying they don't have to change because it's their culture. That's fine, but we don't have to like it. Nor buy it. And we don't have to shut up about it.

That's our culture.

Cuts both ways Hayashi-san.
Except most of us don't have any problem with it.
You missed my point I'm afraid. My point wasn't that he was offending our culture, it's that he insists that we accept his without regard to our own.

Putting it another way, Yes American Culture can be prudish. Yes, big titted girls is a bit of a thing in Japan. That's fine. Hell, go ahead and sell it in America, there are plenty of people here who like that sort of thing.

My problem is Hayashi's idea that people who don't like it can't complain about it because it's part of Japanese culture. We're supposed to accept it out of respect for his culture despite the fact it conflicts ours.

Personally, I'm ambivalent about the DOA series and breasts. I don't really care one way or another. However, I get irritated when people insist that their culture supersedes anyone others. If they didn't sell DOA in America, Americans would have no right to complain. They do sell it here, though, so we do have a right to complain.

Hayashi is in no way obligated to do anything about it, or even listen. But he doesn't have the right to tell us we can't complain about.

That make a little more sense?
It does make more sense, but Americans voice their disapproval by boycotting these companies. If there are a few news columns complaining about it but the companies are making major profit with it then these companies aren't going to give two flying farts what people say about them. I'm willing to bet this dude didn't even believe his 'its our culture' excuse, he just wanted something to shut the whiners up.
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JacqueseVonRIP Feb 16, 13
Erm, yeah. Why are we still talking about this?
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