Neoseeker : News : Capcom explains exclusion of co-op in DmC: Devil May Cry
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Mystic Aurora | Aug 23, 12
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MissingScore Aug 23, 12
quote Mystic Aurora
How about bringing back Mega Man instead of remixing an unsuccessful franchise?
Bit harsh there, whilst I'm skeptical of how this one will turn out and 4 wasn't as good as it could and should have been, I'm pretty sure the series of games as a whole could be deemed fairly successful. I'm sure I remember reading that the financial return on the DMC games has risen with every game and overall has been solid if unspectacular. Add to this a central character whose popularity has surpassed the actual franchise he's from and lets be honest surpassed the popularity of Megaman outside of a select group of gamers.

Put all this together and your terming of the DMC franchise as unsuccessful seems a little ludicrous in all honesty.
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shinbaku_vile Aug 23, 12

(just saying , not really meaning it )

what i want to see IS THE RED HOT RUMBLE


thats all i say - and bring back the BLUE BOMBER
3 GAMES CANCELD , MEGAMAN ONLINE , THE LEGENDS 3 AND MEGAMAN UNIVERSE ---- shesshhhhh!! --- i been sad ever since - no megaman game like what a let down - but i still enjoy MEGAMAN 1-10 and Megaman X 1-8(still waiting for 9 )

a moment of silence please and a prayer
( ooo bluebomber please return , and where ever you are keep charging the xbuster to free ya self from any mad human or robot trying to keep you in the shadows , please reappear safely ) AMEN!!
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Peace-Child Aug 23, 12
On one hand I do like Dante's new style. It really has a sort of allure to it, but on the other hand it's really just not Dante. This game is going to be really hit-or-miss.
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Deathman48 Sep 29, 12
quote Mystic Aurora
How about bringing back Mega Man instead of remixing an unsuccessful franchise?
I'd love to hear your explanation on how DMC has been "unsuccessful" as a franchise, maybe you've found some hidden figures nobody else has access too.

Excluding co-op for "narrative" reasons is completely ridiculous. That was a similar reason as to why the campaign mode in Dynasty Warriors 7 was one player only and it was a very poor decision as playing with a friend is one way of livening up a huge hack and slash game. Wanting to hoard all enemies to yourself is a better reason to exclude co-op, but this is the sort of game where two people trying to style on a bunch of enemies at the same time would work incredibly well. They could employ a Doom II style approach and introduce more enemies compared to the single player version.
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