Neoseeker : News : Funcom confirms temporary layoffs, Secret World MMO fails to meet sales expectations
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Joe Aug 21, 12
If you have played The Secret World you will know why they are losing sales and people will not resubscribe. 1) The game is essentially finished within 2 weeks. You can spend more time upgrading your gear if you want...but what's the point in upgrading gear if you can already do everything in the game without upgrading it?
2) When things go wrong (ALL THE TIME) such as a quest bug, petitioning a GM will not get you any help. Their sole purpose is to say "Sorry, I apologize, I can't help". Many things in-game have been broken since BETA. The only people who remain in-game are those stuck with the lifetime subscription. I'm sorry you paid $200.

Another sign the game is already dying: They JUST introduced character server (dimension) transfers that cost 2400 Funcom Points. This is a real cry for money. The fact Funcom pushed so much news about their "1 server greatness" and u can do everything and anything with your friends no matter what dimension is hilarious.

The updates ALWAYS screw up something - if they ever come out. They are few and inbetween. Also, the Auction House is STILL messed up.


This game was obviously pushed out before it was even ready for beta. Don't buy it, don't invest in it. Wait until free to play, it's coming soon.
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Shaun Aug 24, 12
1)That is just false. You have to upgrade your gear in order to progress, that's kinda how this game works.
2) again false. I've run into a few bugs, but nothing really bad. Some issues with the crafting, a few bugs here and there (to be expected in ANY mmo)

And how is "do everything and anything with your friends no matter what dimension" hilarious? you can. Just sent them a group invite and bam. The server transfers are really if you just want a different community (rp, pvp, pve)

This game is probably the best game I've played in a very long time. Any one who I know for a fact that have played this game would recommend it and praise it. But to say "mediocre since launch" is a little overboard imo. Sure it isn't as smooth as it could be, but given the revenue and care it could be very long lived and marginally better then what is currently on the market.
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