Neoseeker : News : System requirements announced for Dishonored
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Krantos Aug 14, 12
4 gig MINIMUM RAM???

Sure, that's not too bad financially, but 32bit systems are Capped at 4 gigs. Hopefully, it won't be too much of a problem.

Wonder what the chances of a demo are....
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Shadow of Death Aug 14, 12
The specs are actually pretty high. Not ridiculous by any means, but higher than you usually see. A quad core (albeit, not an impressive one), higher than average RAM, and of course the GPU requirements/recommendations.

This is now the third game I've seen that requires a DX10+ card. Just Cause 2 and the more recent Sleeping Dogs are the others. Though I know there are more of them. There was this online-only game that didn't do very well also.

Sleeping Dogs was the first game I wasn't able to max out (with High Resolution Textures). Well, there is also Skyrim, but I have a 2K texture pack and ENB among other things...
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