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Invidia Aug 3, 12
Just to add-on what was changed for the iPad version:

"What's New in Version 1.0.1

This version includes performance tuning that should improve app stability, graphics display, audio playback, framerate, and multiplayer connectivity for many players. Miscellaneous AI, game play, and user interface improvements have also been made.

Detailed messages have been added to explain how save data interacts with Game Center and what additional content is contained in the Premium Content Pack in-app purchase.

It also includes changes to the way some things work:
- Yeva, Nature's Herald now has 4 toughness
- Firewing Phoenix now has 2 toughness
- When the AI has many creatures it is no longer able to avoid blocking Taunting Elf
- Enchanting a creature with Mind Control correctly applies 'summoning sickness.'
- The "Say Your Praetors" Challenge now correctly records which of the five possible solutions have been used."

A couple of buffs for Yeva's and Chandra's deck if you happened to use Wild Pair in conjunction with Yeva, or Firewing Phoenix. I'm more excited for the DotP expansion pack rumored for later this year!

If you don't mind deck spoilers, you can check out the official Wizards of the Coast forums for the expansion decklists and unlocks:

Mmm dat White/Blue deck and that White/Green deck!!! <3
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