Neoseeker : News : Resident Evil 6 Agent Hunt mode lets you play as a monster
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OkamiAlucard Aug 1, 12
Demon/Dark Souls Griefing all over again. YES!
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Rich r Oct 29, 13
Resident evil agent hunt is entertaining for only one reason the satisfaction it gives for a kill ( not successful hunt but actual kill by you).

However the controls are clumsy and overall appalling, the finishing appalling Infact even worse. The spawn spots not up to scratch, seeing your monster die for ten seconds completely un necessary. The java are reasonable at hitting but their finishing is the worst of all. Seriously bad they miss practically everytime !!! Infuriating!!!!!!!!!

Also why do the zombies have to start by falling over immediately? And take a whole twenty seconds or more when stunned. And that AI partner always blows you up as a fireman or a grenader zombie. Also why so many cutscenes? And that 4 second invincibility frame when in dying, is that really nessecary with how woefully bad the monsters perform as it is?

Oh yeah and the controls are appalling and the finishing from javos atrocious. Have I said that already? Well it needs to be repeated again and again and again. Well done capcom for ruining an otherwise great idea.
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