Neoseeker : News : Darksiders 2 developer could be working on an FPS
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Abyss Raider Jul 28, 12
Hmmm THQ and Vigil working on an FPS? You got my attention.
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RabidChinaGirl Jul 28, 12
It does go in line with the new THQ boss' thoughts on having Vigil make OTHER games (in addition to Darksiders). Edit: Link added to article.

That said, this could mean a lot of things. Guild Wars' combat, for instance, was based in part on the FPS genre.
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Mystic Aurora | Jul 28, 12
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Paradox Jul 28, 12
quote Mystic Aurora
Oh yay. Yet another FPS.

There goes another nail in gaming's coffin...
as long as its not generic, who cares? Darksiders was amazing.

durrr hurr all fps games r bad durt
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