Neoseeker : News : Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC features four urban maps, new mode, more
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THM Jul 27, 12
I see there are growing numbers of players who don't like DLCs from Battlefield 3!

This DLC phenomenon threatens the very fabric of the notion of 'value for money' for gamers, especially for FPS gamers.

Buying DLCs is also tantamount to the promotion of capitalist greed which relies on constant money making rather than giving a finished/polished product to consumers in gaming industry.
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LZ Schneider Jul 27, 12
DLC will continue to sell like hot cakes as long as gamers keep paying for it. I can easily see why many hate DLC but sales numbers don't like and making a profit is the number 1 concern of any and all businesses.

That said, remember the good ol' days when games like Battlefront 2 came out loaded with like, 1000 or so only maps? Good times, those were.
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