Neoseeker : News : Possibly the biggest game collection ever sells for $1.32M on eBay
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THM Jul 9, 12
Truly over-priced!!!!!

Mainly Japanese-oriented games...Plus, me think 'Contra 1, 2, 3' on Famicom aren't in the list!!!

P.S. No 'Rush N' Attack' either!!!!
Mystic Aurora | Jul 9, 12
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Cain_Kousei_69 Jul 9, 12
I'd love to have the Dreamcast portion of that collection!
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Zombie_Barioth Jul 9, 12
Thats quite the collection.

And to add to what Mystic Aurora said some of those are really rare like the contest edition carts, those alone are worth thousands.
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Shadow of Death Jul 9, 12
Yeah, I saw about this earlier today. I bet he would have gotten more money selling each of the sets separately. Probably needed a lot of money ASAP though.

quote Mystic Aurora
Over-priced? It's over 7000 games. If they're all factory sealed like the seller says, he's sitting on a freakin' gold mine.
They aren't 'all', but the majority seem to be (some sets are all sealed, but others are only partially). The ones that aren't are described as being in excellent condition in any case.
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