Neoseeker : News : Sony acquires Gaikai for $380 million
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Raijin1999 Jul 2, 12
ISPs need to stop throttling data for this to be as awesome as it could be.
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BlackLabel Jul 2, 12
Sony have some sense and use this deal to bring Playstation 3 classics to PC.. This would require very little tweaking and could give PC gamers a chance to try your best games or even open up an entirely new revenue stream. All you have to really do is make it that through GaiKai the Xbox 360 controller is recognised as a Playstation 3 one, or improve how to get a Playstation 3 controller working on PC as right now it requires third party drivers and everything..

This merger could be cool though especially for those that want backwards compatibility on Playstation 4. Though it could also spell bigger news in getting previously PC exclusives onto Playstation 3. Imagine if CD Projekt didn't have to port The Witcher 2 to Playstation 3 as gamers could just stream the PC version to their consoles, I mean The Witcher 2 is already on GaiKai now.. The possibilities for this are huge, I just hope Sony doesn't waste it. They need to get out there and advertise the hell out of the service but none of that cryptic bullshit with fake babies like the Playstation 3, just simple advertising like Microsoft does..
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