Neoseeker : News : E3 2012 walkthrough: Get touchy with Batman's gadgets in Arkham City Armored Edition for Wii U
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BlackLabel Jun 7, 12
Not all that impressed with the features they are adding. Nintendo came out with the Wii U calling it something that will change the way we play games forever, though I don't see that.

The gameplay feature with the batterang was something Playstation 3 gamers were doing that back in Heavenly Sword, sure not with a screen in the controller but you controlled a projectile with the gyroscope and used the TV to track it.. The other feature shown with the explosive gel, I don't know about anyone else but I never had issue detonating that gel in any of the other versions of that game..

If Nintendo think that a new costume and a few new mini-game style gimmicks are going to get people to buy a game they probably already completed on one of three other platforms, at full price I may add they are mistaken. The same will go for any of the other multi-platform titles, they just don't seem to be adding much while banking on that controller a controller that isn't adding enough to the experience.
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