Neoseeker : News : Next Uncharted 3 update welcomes The Lab, Elimination mode
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samwise995 May 14, 12
The whole quitting counts as a loss thing is kind of annoying. Because if my connection messes up, that counts as a loss. If I have to go somewhere and don't want to leave my PS3 on, that's a loss. If my PS3 freezes and I have to turn it off, that's a loss.
Otherwise, sounds great! Glad to see Elimination return! Love this game!
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Dovahkiin101 May 18, 12
I have an issue with the UC3 map packs. Before the patch 1.09, I was able to play the map packs (Sanctuary, Lost City, Fort and Cave) that I bought in random TDMs but after the patch, I am unable to join any games with these maps, even with the DLC option ON. WTF Naughty dog? Are these map packs now only available when you play with friends or in certain matches? Can any explain?
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