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Shadow of Death Apr 30, 12
Watch as they get even more confused when the ridiculous amount of DRM on Crysis 3 causes an even greater ratio of pirates to purchasers.

I'll probably get it anyway, unless the DRM really is as bad as it seems they want to make it. I'll give it a pass if they get way over the top about it. I don't pirate games, and piracy doesn't help the image of gamers in general (the PC side gets a lot of flack for it, but console games get pirated a lot too), but developers/publishers just can't seem to figure out there is a correlation between the amount of DRM, and the amount of pirating going on.

I've heard stories of people who paid for games, and were forced to resort to cracks just to get the damned things to run (like "Always on internet BS". Not everyone has a steady net connection.).
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Exevier Apr 30, 12
So many adverbs in that quote.
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VVVVV Apr 30, 12
They are not confused, only getting more greedy. Notice that they did not even state the amount of losses except they only said the number of downloads for the game was 4 million. Can they say the made less money this time around versus Crysis 1? All they could say is they made far more profit then their first game, and if not, they did not even consider why (for example, the BLOODY ECONOMIC CRISIS,etc) Can they say they lost money because of they downloads? No, they simply assumed that if they download then they are potential customers that would have paid, but that is just a stupid assumption. Just because they download, does not mean they were willing to pay to play. They didn't even bother announcing the number of increased players to the Crysis franchise from the first game to the second game. How many players from the first game bought the game? How many of those players do you think enjoyed the first one that bought it would fail to buy their second game? And those that bought the first one and failed to buy the second one means something else completely. From the 4 million downloads, how many of those are first time players to the Crysis franchise? How many of those "first-timers" would enjoy their experience and would consider purchasing their next release? How many people (loyal fans) would they piss off if they applied extensive DRM? Who has most to lose from doing stupid crap that they don't under?

Another bloody company that is just greedy and too stupid to make money.
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RealityInYourFace! Apr 30, 12
Crytech puts out games with unnecessary featers in their games that makes you wonder if you new pc can handle it, so you download the game to see if the pc handles it and no. You gotta replace your video card so you buy the latest card and Nvidia is happy but than you dont wanna waste the money that left on a stupid video game they made me pay nvidia ill make them pay me! im not buying, im downloading! Crytech buy a brain with crysis 2 profits! Say f**k you to nvidia gamers will love you, we need our money to buy games dont make us waste it on hardware.
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chaotic Apr 30, 12
Sigh. When will devs/pubs finally *bleep*ing learn that DRM only inflates piracy? And that a person who pirates isn't necessarily a lost sale (they were never guaranteed to buy it in the first place, and maybe, however unlikely, they'll buy it after pirating)?

They also like to conveniently forget that piracy is a common issue on consoles as well when they completely screw over their PC customers with ludicrous DRM.

Oh well, if it comes loaded with DRM I'll do what I always do: give it a pass. I will not endorse this shitty practice of screwing over legit customers, nor will I use it as a pathetic excuse to pirate the game and play it for free, as I hate piracy just as much.

Seriously, I've had enough of this old, tried topic, and I'm sure a lotta other PC gamers feel the same way. It's just shocking how slow on the take the guys behind the games are when it comes to this.
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Xarlequin May 1, 12
I have a 'friend' who downloaded fable 3, tried it, liked it and bought it. Then he did the same with might and magic heroes 6, as well as many other games. Piracy does not make companies lose money. I would never, ever waste 70 bucks on a brand new game only to find out that it sucks or that my computer can't handle it.
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DarkLordAkuma May 1, 12
Completely agree with what you guys are all saying. I personally got sick and tired of paying a heap of cash to find out the game was just a rehashed pile of rubbish. I always pay for the games I play properly, developers that deserve the money for a good quality product will get it.

I tried Crysis 2 multiplayer in the beta, and the singleplayer campaign when it came out. I personally got bored of it very quickly, it didn't feel like anything new was added... or even that anything felt particularly refined from the first one. It just felt like a bit of a generic shooter really. That's my opinion of it though.
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fudgeboy May 1, 12
purchased it, played it, regretted it. make a game that doesnt suck, crytek, then remove the DRM and then maybe your sales will pick up
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