Neoseeker : News : Street Fighter x Tekken latest line up of trailers shows off new content for Vita
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THM Apr 10, 12
I'm glad that I made a right decision to buy a PS Vita for my birthday
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Nightmare Samurai Apr 10, 12
So we can either pay $20 or $40 for those other characters.
Not to mention the $300 for a VITA if we didn't get it. (I have no idea what the actual price is)

Everyone... please... at the very least buy it used so Capcom doesn't get the profits. I know you'll all still buy it, just do it in a way that's legal and still shoots Capcom in the foot.
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DedValve Apr 11, 12
You can't buy dlc used .sadface

I can't wait to play characters that should have been in my game in the first place for additional content with capcoms shitty logic
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