Neoseeker : News : Silicon Knights' Dennis Dyack says used games are cannibalising the industry
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rpg Mar 29, 12
yeah I knew about eb and gamestop thing but never heard of them calling you if a used comes in. Do I just ask and leave my number there or what?
Though yeah I agree you can just get a demo and see if you want a game but I treat demos like the plague lol
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RaidenXS Mar 31, 12
quote Lorx
quote RaidenXS
They could just make better games. Games worth the 60$. Games that aren't worth selling.
People sell back those games all the time. They beat it as fast as they can so they get maximum trade in bucks, then move on to something else.
I'm saying quality games. If a game is made with quality people tend to not sell it. For instance, FFX, MGS. Sure some people out there sell that sort of stuff but games that are worth keeping, games that create a sentimental value won't be sold. A lot of people regretted selling MvC2 and other rare games. THAT is what they need to do. ICO anyone? good thing they remade it tho, right?
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