Neoseeker : News : Proposed U.S. bill pushes for warning labels on video games
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Lesley Pro_04 Mar 21, 12
Those idiotic congressmen shouldn't be focused on the gaming industry. If anything, they should be more concerned about launching a price gouging investigation at Big Oil and trying to limit the prices of gasoline instead of wasting the taxpayer's time and money on this crap.
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Supernova1332 Mar 21, 12
Funny thing, where's the studies that actually prove this? It's been tested, time and time again since the days of Doom, and there has been near zero correlation between the two... At least none that were ultimately caused by the games, some people are just *bleep*ed up and happen to play games.
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Gligar Mar 21, 12
another useless bill/law to make the public more restricted...
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